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Apr 17, 2020

I’ve been watching Corona’s journey for a while and love what she shares. But one of her posts* on Instagram a little while ago really caught my attention and prompted me to reach out. She spoke about divorce being the catalyst for an extraordinary life. 

“Growth happens when we can lean in and embrace the discomfort and the unknown. No transformation occurs in the known.” CORONA BRADY

She was wonderful enough to accept my invitation to talk about that - and I’m especially grateful - because I think we’re all experiencing huge and unexpected changes in our lives right now. 

Whether it’s divorce, a relationship breakdown, a lost job, business failure or unexpected life shift - I also believe that these things that we often think of as devastating at the time - can really propel our lives to somewhere different and much more amazing than we had planned. 

Listen in as I talk with Corona, and she shares her journey through change.

Making the decision to divorce

What gets you through those early stages 

Grieving for the hopes and dreams that we had for the future and how to cope with that

How to work through feeling like you’ve lost your identity

The importance of having a spiritual practice been while transitioning


I also ask Corona about her Kundalini yoga and the launch of her online school - which is such perfect timing for everyone who can’t get to their regular yoga session right now. 



At 37 I thought my life was over when I chose to make a scary but very brave decision that would change the whole course and direction of my life. 

But today at 39 I realise my life is only beginning and I’m excited for this new chapter. Our bravery and courage will always be rewarded for! 

It’s been an incredibly tough 2+ years (I’m not going to sugar coat it, I’ve literally walked through the fires of transformation) but I’m now out the other side and I’ve so much to share with you on topics such as conscious relationships, polarity in romantic relationships, when you know it’s time to leave a relationship, divorce/separation, the real inner work that’s required after the collapse of a marriage, grief, losing everything and beginning again, dealing with lies and deceit in relationship, opening yourself up to love again, living as an awakened empowered conscious woman, collapse of and rebuilding your foundations, working through sexual repression plus so much more!

Growth happens when we can lean in and embrace the discomfort and the unknown. No transformation occurs in the known.


Corona is a Holistic Life Coach & Mentor for Women, Mind Detox Therapist, Kundalini Level 2 Teacher, and Speaker! She is passionate about supporting and empowering high achieving corporate professionals, Women in Business, Entrepreneurs & Women in Leadership Roles. She is the founder and CEO of Energy For Life Academy where she takes busy professionals from burnout and overwhelm to energetic joyful lives in 8 weeks or less.  

She is the creator of the Corona Brady Online Life Coaching App which you can download for free to your Apple and Android devices and she is the host of the Energy For Life Podcast show available on iTunes.

She is also the creator of a brand new online yoga and meditation school called Corona’s Online Kundalini School.


Free Webinar:

Free App:

Podcast Show:

Free Facebook Group:

Kundalini Online School:    

Apr 7, 2020
Every now and then some alone time is great but social interactions are a massive part of our lives. 
Humans are wired for connection. What happens when we don’t get it? 
Well, my loves, that’s what many of us are now discovering.  About 2.6 billion people on the planet are now in lock-down - that’s about one third of the world’s population.
The reality is that for many of us, that means literally being alone, without in person interactions, or physical touch 24 hours a day. With the possibility of lockdown continuing for weeks still to come, I want to share some advice for surviving on your own. 
I think we’ve all seen with the spread of coronavirus that our lives can change faster than we ever could have imagined. While much of that change has been difficult and painful - know that our lives can also change quickly in the opposite direction. 
Know that there is light at the end of this tunnel. Maybe you’re even feeling it now? 
This won’t last forever - and we still have so much to be grateful for. Do your best to take care of yourself right now. I truly believe this is an opportunity for us like no other.
To follow my journey and see more of how I’m getting through lockdown, come on over and follow me on Insta as isiahmckimmie.sexologist. I love hearing from my podcast listers over there!
Stay safe and take excellent care of you! 
Apr 2, 2020

How many times have you thought ‘he’s driving me crazy’ or ‘she’s driving me crazy’ this week?

Living with your partner isn’t easy at the best of times.

Silly arguments often stem from minor things like leaving washing up in the sink or forgetting to put the toilet seat down.

But usually, these aren’t the end of the world.

However, when you’re stuck inside all day with your partner, having more interactions than usual, even the smallest thing can send you over the edge.

That, on top of financial pressure, uncertainty, disruption of routine, trying to homeschool kids and a change in roles can make everything feel like one giant shit show at the moment. 

If you are struggling with your partner right now, I want you to know you’re not alone - many of my clients are experiencing heightened tensions - and I’m getting a LOT of people reach out to me to ask for help.

This is going to be make or break time for many relationships. I want this to be a “make it” time for you. A time that brings you even closer and shows you just how much you mean to each other.

Today I’m sharing with you some practical tips to help you navigate this rollercoaster of a time, like:

  • Set boundaries on your time and attention
  • Do your best to manage the kids together
  • Try to keep structure and routine
  • Be mindful of your own emotions + how you communicate
  • Aim for empathy + understanding
  • Continue to have ‘couple time’ together
  • Reach out for other support
  • Understand that your sex life might be affected

Stay safe and take excellent care of yourselves and each other!

We are all going to come out of this stronger than we ever thought possible.

Mar 16, 2020

Orgasms are great for everyone involved! They reduce stress, keep your skin healthy, improve circulation... oh and they feel amazing!

Some orgasms are explosive, others a light tingling sensation.

But there’s one orgasm that’s got everyone talking: The G-spot orgasm.

It’s likely at some point you would have heard about the G-spot, mainly because of all the speculation about whether it actually exists but one thing is for sure, once you’ll find it, you’ll never look back! 

In this episode, I’ll be sharing:

  1. What exactly the G-spot is - and whether or not everyone has one
  2. How you find the G-spot 
  3. My personal tips on experiencing G-spot pleasure, and
  4. How to experience the magic of a G-spot orgasm! 

Whether you’re the owner of a G-spot or you love someone who is - this episode is going to change your life, my love! 


Click HERE and HERE for details of the two vibrators I mention (available from www.Blissfor

Mar 2, 2020

One of the most common questions that I get asked as a Tantra teacher and sexologist is: "How can I increase my sexual desire"?

It might be that you’ve felt a steady decrease in desire, your partner has a higher sexual drive than you - or that your partner initiates sex at a time when you’re not really in the mood.

You might concentrating on something important, in the middle of cooking dinner or just at a point in your cycle where you’re not really feeling it.

I get it. I’ve been there too.

But there’s something powerful - and empowering about being able to connect to our sexual energy and cultivate it at will.

Sexual energy is life force energy. When we’re connected to it, we feel more energised and alive. We can engage more intimately with a partner and enjoy ourselves more sexually.

Today I want to share 5 of my favourite Tantra tools for igniting desire - even when you think you’re not in the mood or when you're caught off guard!

And, if after listening to this podcast, you want to learn more about Tantra and how it can help you create Wild Confidence, Loving Intimacy + Epic Pleasure, I invite you to join my latest online masterclass for women, Tantric Goddess.

We cover 8 powerful modules jam-packed with ancient wisdom and practical tools for the modern women.

When you join Tantric Goddess, you’re saying HECK YES to:

  • Feeling WILDLY confident in bed
  • Getting out of your head and into your body
  • Creating deeper emotional INTIMACY in your relationships
  • Igniting lasting sexual DESIRE; and
  • Experiencing EPIC orgasms

Enrollment is OPEN until THIS Thursday, 5th of March only.

To find out more and join, head to and go to the courses page OR  come on over to Insta, find me as isiahmckimmie.sexologist and send me a DM to get your invite.

Feb 21, 2020

Hands up who ACTUALLY does their KEGELS?

I think that pelvic floor exercises like kegels are one of those things that as women, we all know we 'should' be doing… But we might not be. 

Or, like a lot of women who get in touch with me, you might be doing them, but be unsure if you’re doing it right. 

I have my own perspectives on pelvic floor exercises, as thankfully, they’ve always been part of my Tantra practice. In Tantra, we use pelvic floor exercises to help us BALANCE our lower chakras, CONNECT to and cultivate sexual energy and increase our PLEASURE during sex.  

But, I wanted to get the low-down from someone who’s studied from a western perspective in this area too. 

In this episode of Wholehearted, I’m talking to women’s Pelvic Floor physiotherapist, Anna Scammell, from The Whole Mother.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Exactly how we should be doing our kegel exercises according to an expert
  • How we can tell if we’re doing them right or not
  • The different ways we should take care of our pelvic floor before, during and after pregnancy - and why this matters even if we’re not planning on having kids. 
  • And you’ll also get Anna’s perspective on Vaginal eggs AND being able to weight lift coconuts!   

LISTEN to the full episode THEN pass it onto your girlfriends, 'cause they need to hear this too!


Click HERE for the Free Pelvic Floor Guide mentioned in the podcast or below to find out more about Anna and the work she does :

Online Pregnancy Program:

Instagram: @the.whole.mother


Feb 18, 2020

The very first time I walked into a Tantra workshop, I don’t think I was nervous. I don’t think I knew enough about Tantra to be nervous! I really didn’t know what Tantra was. I knew that it was spiritual - and that it had something to do with sex… but that was about it! 

I would later learn that Tantra is a spiritual practice and a form of yoga and meditation. 

Tantra totally changed my life and, in my journey to learn more about it, I ended up teaching. 

Tantra is still part of what I do. Sometimes I share Tantra, but don’t necessarily call it Tantra.

I use it with my clients at times to help couples stop arguments or to reconnect in the bedroom again. It can help women learn to orgasm for the first time, help stop sex being painful or help women feel more confident in their sexuality.

When I mention Tantra to people - I get a whole lot of mixed responses. 

Some people are excited and want to know more. 

Some say ‘Oh Tantra - right, I’ve heard that Sting does Tantra and he has sex for 9 hours’. 

I even once had a client say - ‘Omg, Tantra? Isn’t that group sex?’ 

So, if you’ve heard me mention Tantra and aren’t sure what it is - don’t worry.

In this episode I’m going to share:

  • What exactly Tantra is (and clear up some of the myths and misconceptions around it)
  • 6 ways Tantra can help you have mind-blowing sex
  • How Tantra can help you have a more loving, connected, harmonious relationship
  • And how you can use Tantra in your own life, right away.

I look forward to sharing this with you.

If you'd like to learn even more about Tantra, why not sign up for my next online Tantra workshop?

Feb 11, 2020

Our culture gives us a lot of screwed up messages around gender, intimacy and sex. I often focus on how these messages and our lack of education impact women and their relationship to their bodies and sex, but these messages affect men too - just in different ways. 

I was super excited to explore this from a man’s perspective by interviewing Cam Fraser for this episode of Wholehearted. 

Cam Fraser, or THE Cam Fraser as he’s known on Instagram is a Certified Professional Sex Coach, Certified Sexologist, Registered Counsellor, and Registered Tantric Yoga Teacher. His work integrates scientifically validated, medically accurate information about sexual health, with sacred sexuality teachings from the mystery traditions.  As a coach, he helps men go beyond surface-level sex and into full-bodied, self-expressed, pleasure-oriented sexual experiences free of anxiety or shame. 

In this episode Cam and I discuss:

  • What Cam wishes women really understood about men and sex
  • Why men need to engage with our cultural conditioning around masculinity for deeper sexual pleasure and fulfilling relationships
  • How you can get a man to open up more emotionally
  • How to start a conversation with your partner about learning Tantra and improving your sex life or letting him know if you want more foreplay.

I absolutely loved this conversation with Cam and I know you will too. 

LISTEN in then pass it on to the MEN you love - they deserve to hear this too!

To follow or find out more about Cam's work: Instagram @thecamfraserKama Wellness

Feb 6, 2020

Have you ever found that you can’t stop THINKING during sex?

Many women struggle to ‘switch off’ and enjoy themselves when they’re making love.

They think about their performance, wonder if they’re doing the ‘right thing’, worry about their body - or even think about all the things they have to DO.

It stops you enjoying yourself and gets in the way of intimacy.

Today you’ll hear 5 practical tools that you can use TODAY to get out of your head and into your body in bed.


Dec 23, 2019

You know those people that just light YOU up when they walk into the room?

My guest today is one of those women.

I’ve been wanting to share her wisdom with you for the longest time! 

Colleen Schell is a Fortune 500 leadership development expert turned love and intimacy coach. Her wisdom on emotional and erotic intelligence helps you have deeper connections, wider love and a more passionate, playful life.

She is currently writing a book called The Art of the Torrid Love Affair that gives people permission to enjoy, embrace, and learn from short term romantic relationships and master the magic of love and intimacy.

As someone who absolutely EMBODIES her mission to help people communicate more authentically, deeply and lovingly, she oozes sass, sex appeal, warmth and generosity. 

I just know that if you’re someone who wants more meaningful connections with others, if you’re someone who wants to live a totally magic life - then you're going to LOVE my conversation with Colleen today. 

On the episode you’ll hear: 

+  The vital role that YOU can play in deepening intimacy in your relationships

+  How to share your desires with a love

+  How to give feedback to a partner without causing an argument

+  Colleen’s formula for powerful listening

+  How to show up more authentically in your connection and communication


Get Colleen’s Desires Sharing Framework and other free resources HERE.

Follow her on Instagram HERE.

Dec 17, 2019

Feel like you might have dated, or be dating, a narcissist?

Or have you heard the term being used a LOT lately and wonder what it’s all about?

If you’ve ever encountered someone who appears grandiose, has an excessive need for praise, talks about themselves and their achievements a lot, but is also easily offended, there’s a good chance you’ve at least encountered a narcissist.

“Soul-destroying”, Emotionally abusive”, “Rollercoaster”, “Feel like you’re losing your mind”, “Walking on eggshells”… were just some of the words that you guys shared with me when I asked about your experiences dating narcissists.

Being in a relationship with a narcissist can be painful and damaging. We often don’t recognise the signs that we’re dating one until it’s too late.

In this episode, I’m sharing:

  • The signs that someone is a narcissist
  • The kind of person who will be most attracted to narcissists
  • What you can do if find yourself in a relationship with a narcissist
  • I’ll answer the question of whether you can ever have a happy relationship with a narcissist
  • And I’ll share the telltale signs that show up early in dating a narcissist

Click HERE to access my blog and download the Signs You're Dating a Narcissist checklist.

Dec 9, 2019

What are relationship and intimacy expert’s relationships really like?

What challenges do they face? How do they make their relationship work?

They might not be what you think!

Real-life couple and intimacy coaches, Jodie Milton and Reece Stockhausen, started Practical Intimacy with the mission to transform how people do relationships. Through their one-on-one coaching practice, couple’s mentoring programs, online courses and blog, they help men and women all over the world to create deeply fulfilling intimacy, thriving long-term connection and a super hot sex life.

Their fresh and relatable approach has seen them work with clients across Australia and abroad, and their articles featured on sites such as The Huffington Post, Mind Body Green, Living Now and Raw Attraction.

Jodie and Reece join me on Wholehearted today to share:

  • The challenges they face in their own relationship
  • How they deal with (and overcome) disagreements
  • The tools and strategies that make their relationship work
  • How they take care of themselves while still having enough energy to give to their relationship
  • Their fun unique take on initiating intimacy with each other!

If you’d like to find out more about Jodie and Reece and what they offer, you can reach out on their website, facebook or Insta.

Dec 4, 2019

We each give and receive love in different ways.

We often give love in the way we’d like to receive it - which is beautiful - but sometimes, that isn’t the way our partner gives love or feels most loved.

So what happens when we’re giving love in a way it isn’t understood?

Sometimes, two people can each be trying to give love to each other - but can both end up feeling unloved because they’re speaking two different love languages. You might even feel really frustrated, because you’re trying to do so much to show your partner that you love them, but for some reason, they still feel unloved!

Understanding the 5 Love Language, helps you understand and navigate these differences.

Understanding the different Love Languages has been so helpful for many couples that I work with. Many of them have found it pivotal in their relationship.

Instead of feeling unloved and uncared for, I’ve seen people suddenly realise their partner has been trying to show love for them all along. I’ve seen couples stop arguing about what they’re not doing for each other and finally understand each other’s needs better.

In this episode we’re going to cover:

  • What are the 5 Love Languages? And how do you find yours?
  • How can you show love to someone with each different Love Language?
  • What should you do when you think your partner has a different Love Language to you?
  • And how can you talk to your partner about your Love Language?

If you’re still unsure of your Love Language after listening to the episode, take the quiz here.

Nov 22, 2019

What do you do when your relationship gets a bit stale?

How can you bring the fun back when everything has become… routine?

That’s what my guest today found herself asking just a short time into her relationship.

In fact, she thought the relationship was probably over… until she found ways to bring the fun, excitement and playfulness back.

In today’s episode, I’m talking to Danielle Colley, founder of Your Good Life. Danielle is passionate about helping purpose driven women create extraordinary lives by inspiring confidence and self-worth in them so they can make empowered decisions about their careers, their relationships and their lives.

Fresh from Eloping in New York, she joins me as we share:

  • Our meeting story and unique friendship
  • How a relationship Bucket List saved Danielle’s relationship
  • How she overcame feeling like she was sexually broken in her marriage to have a thriving partnership today
  • Our tips for building confidence + loving your body

I’m sure you’re going to love Danielle as much as I do!

Listeners are invited to reach out to Danielle for a free 30 minute coaching session HERE or follow her on Insta at

Nov 19, 2019

Relationships are learned behaviours.

We often expect ourselves just to know what to do and get it right, but really, they’re skills that we learn.

What is normal, how to communicate, how to express your emotions to someone, whether to express your emotions at all, what kind of intimacy or affection to display are all things that we learn from our environment.

We learn these from our early caregivers, our family growing up, what we witness in the media, our wider culture and our past relationships.

Even those of you who did everything you could not to turn into your parents will still have learned about relationships from them!  And you will have some patterns or traits that have carried through, because that’s just the way it works.

Our early relationships and even our past relationships have such a strong effect on us that they literally effect the way our brains are wired.

And then those impact the rest of our relationships going forward.

This wiring impacts how we show up in our relationships, how we communicate, react, deal with emotions and even our predisposition to conditions like anxiety and depression.

These past relationships and the ways our brains become wired, help shape what has become known in therapy as attachment style.

On today’s episode, you’re going to hear:

  • How to work out which attachment style you have - and what your partner’s is
  • Which attachment styles go together well - and which tend to have the most conflict
  • Why most dating advice you hear is actually wrong - and how your attachment style explains what’s really going on instead.
  • How you can adjust your attachment style for more harmonious relationships.
Nov 6, 2019

You guys know me. I’m a little bit woo-woo, BUT I’m also passionate about sharing proven advice and practical tools with you.

In today's episode, you’re going to get a lot of practical tools with just a little bit of woo to help you really embrace and step into your power as a sexual woman. 

I’m talking to Sarah Marie Liddle about Erotic Identity Archetypes.

Some of you will remember Sarah from our episode All About Pleasure. 

Sarah Marie Liddle is a writer, identity alchemist, teacher and pleasure advocate. Her work includes private sessions, online programs, and books. 

I know that as you listen to us discuss each of the 5 erotic archetypes you’re going to recognise yourself, your strengths and you'll love the practical tools that will help you grow from where you are right now. 


This Episode comes with a huge thank you to Bliss for Women

Bliss for Women provide a unique shopping experience that erases the taboo of shopping in an adult store. Bliss for Women believe women deserve a place where they can explore their own unique relationship to sex, desire and their bodies. You get 10% off all orders over $150 when you use the code IMBLISS19.

Aug 13, 2019

For a long time, I didn’t know what I wanted sexually.

I had very little idea of what turned me on.

I had some ideas… things I’d heard about that I wanted to try but I was far too shy to ask for it!

It was only after I began practicing Tantra and I felt like I was given permission to enjoy myself and express myself sexually that I started to feel okay with accepting pleasure and my sexual desires.

What I enjoy sexually has changed over time - it continues to change actually! I go through phases of really enjoying something and then kind of moving on a bit. Often it’s really dependent on my mood too!

I think one of the reasons I love helping women become sexually empowered so much is because I’m so aware of the whole range of possibilities there are for pleasure! 

There’s a really common set of questions and statements I hear from women when we’re discussing feeling sexually empowered, confident and being well-pleasured. They go like this:

How do I tell my partner what I like?

I’m not even sure I know what I like.

How do you find this out?  What do other women like?


I also hear women’s partners say things like:

I wish I knew what she *really enjoys sexually. I try to ask her, but she says she doesn’t know. I just really want to know how to please her.


In this episode of Wholehearted Love, Sex + Intimacy, I’m sharing advice and practical tips to help you discover epic pleasure. You’ll hear:

  • The vital factors of a woman’s turn-on that you need to understand
  • My 4 step formula to discover what you really enjoy
  • Playful ways to explore what you enjoy with a partner - no awkward conversations involved
  • Sexy suggestions from other women on what turns them on


This episode comes with a huge thank you to Bliss for Women….

Bliss for Women take a holistic approach to women’s sexuality, sexual wellness and menstrual health.

Bliss for Women stock pleasure-enhancing products and provide a unique shopping experience, erasing the taboo of shopping in an adult store.

Bliss for Women believe that women deserve a place where they can explore their own unique relationship to sex, desire and their bodies.

Bliss for Women is about you, your pleasure and your sexual wellness.  Find out more at

Aug 6, 2019

What should you do if your man has sexual challenges, can’t ‘get it up’ or isn’t interested in sex? I’m sharing my personal experience with you.

Some of you will know that one of the experiences that led me to working in the field of sexuality, intimacy and relationships, was my time working as a Sexual Surrogate.

In this role, I worked intimately and practically with men experiencing sexual dysfunction such as low libido, premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

It was an incredible opportunity to see just how deeply sexuality impacts us as human beings, but also the professional possibilities for helping people. I struggle to put into words how profound, insightful and rewarding that work was for me.

Although I mostly work with women and couples now, it's still something close to my heart. 

I receive a LOT of questions from women now on how to support their men with sexual challenges including low desire, ED and PE. 

55% of men will have experienced a sexual dysfunction within the last 12 months. (Which means a significant portion of women will encounter these issues also.)

Our culture places high expectations on men to be sexually proficient and capable at all times.

When men experience sexual challenges of any kind, they often report it bringing into question their sense of worth and their masculinity.

They often express feeling:

  • Shame/embarrassment
  • Frustration/anger
  • Disappointment in themselves
  • Hopelessness/despair

Our culture also places an expectation on women to feel desired and sought-after. 

When a woman’s partner is experiencing sexual challenges, it can sometimes lead her to question her own desirability (even though this usually has little to do with what’s going on!)

Women often experience a range of thoughts and emotions when their partner experiences sexual challenges, such as:

Feeling like they don’t know what to do to help

  • Wanting to ignore the problem so they don’t embarrass their partner
  • Frustration
  • Rejection
  • Helplessness
  • Questioning their own attractiveness

How a partner responds to a sexual dysfunction can make a big difference to what happens going forward. 

For some men, the negative reaction of a partner increases their anxiety about it happening again - almost guaranteeing it does.

But there are helpful ways a partner can respond and there are steps a man can take to overcome these sexual challenges.

In this episode of Wholehearted Love, Sex + Intimacy, you’ll hear:

  • The 4 most common sexual challenges men experience
  • The client who though he had premature ejaculation, but was actually experiencing something very different
  • How men’s partners can respond in a way that’s supportive and can help a man recover faster
  • The underlying causes of each sexual dysfunction
  • Practical steps you need to take to fix them


Like any sexual challenge, these issues aren’t something you need to deal with alone.

If you’re ready to move forward to more satisfying, loving sex, book a call with Isiah.

Jul 29, 2019

It’s no secret the dating game has changed pretty drastically over the last decade.

Most of us are familiar with (or perhaps a little too familiar with) online dating and swiping apps.

It feels like norms and expectations are changing. Fast. Especially for people who might suddenly find themselves back in the dating pool after a long break.

And let’s be honest, dating was always complicated enough anyway.

In this episode of Wholehearted Love, Sex + Intimacy, I’m joined by my co-host Bec, where we talk about getting back to dating, what to consider following the emergence of the online dating culture and important questions like:

  • Is it okay to lie about your age on your profile?
  • Is making a list of what you want in a partner really helpful?
  • What can you do to stay safe when dating?
  • What are the dating red flags that should have you running?
  • Is someone being super into you actually a bad thing?

Join us as we dive into dating!

Jul 22, 2019

My love,

Breaking up is never easy.

We experience all kinds of emotions – grief, anger, sadness, guilt, shame. 

We sometimes begin to doubt ourselves and question our abilities. Perhaps wondering if we’re truly lovable. Or if we are capable of the kind of loving, satisfying, long-term relationship that we want.

I know I experienced all of these responses. 

Especially after I’d become a therapist, I felt that perhaps I’d failed for having my relationship end.

Of course, that’s not how it works. No relationship is ever a ‘failure’, they’re all an opportunity for us to learn and grow.

I’ve also agonised over whether I was making the right decision.

Last week, we shared the questions you need to ask yourself before you decide to break up with someone. If you’re still in the process of deciding whether breaking up is the right thing for you, I highly recommend you listen to this episode.

We wanted to follow on this week with how you nurture, love and support yourself if that’s what ends up happening.

If you’re going through a break up right now, or have recently been through one, we want you to know, we see you and we feel you.  We’ve been there too.

And we know it’s one of the most painful journeys you can go through.

It doesn’t matter how long you were with someone, sometimes break up affects us deeply.

In this episode, Bec and I share our own personal stories and the things that we know can get you through.

You’ll hear:

  • The 3 things that got me through the hardest break up of my life
  • Why the pain you might feel isn’t just in your head
  • How long it ‘should’ take you to recover
  • The vital role forgiveness plays in moving forward
  • How to tell when it’s the right time to start dating again

Trust us when we say that something even more perfect for you is ahead.

You deserve great love.

And remember, that it’s okay to get support too. If you need someone to talk to about your break up, reach out to me here.

Sending love to your precious heart,

Isiah. x x

Jul 10, 2019

It took me months to decide to leave my last relationship.

There was so much good in it.

For a long time, I had thought I would spend the rest of my life with him. 

I’d spent many phone calls with girlfriends discussing the situation, sessions with my therapist becoming clear and many attempts at conversation with my partner.

But clearly, there were things that weren’t working. 

I thought if perhaps I tried harder… Or asked for what I needed in a different way… Or maybe if I just came to terms with him not being ‘perfect’… it might work.

But eventually I had to make the decision I’d known in my guts for months.

Our relationship was never going to be what I wanted it to be. And there were things missing that I couldn’t do without. 

It still wasn’t easy.

If you’ve ever been sitting on the fence of leaving a relationship, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

No one gets into a relationship wanting it to end.

You invest so much, you wonder if you should just stay.

And then there’s other things…

Shame, not wanting to tell people it’s over, the hope that if you just try a little bit harder… and the practical things like the house, finances, the kids.

Last week Bec and I shared the 4 things that determine with 90% accuracy whether a relationship will succeed or fail and the 6 behaviours a happy, healthy relationship needs to survive.

So when the positive signs are missing… but the negatives are there in spades… How do you tell when it’s time to call it a day? 

It’s a major myth that couples come to couples therapy to work on their relationship.

Many couples I begin working with in therapy don’t know whether they want to stay together when they first come to see me.

I help them through the process of determining whether they want to try to overcome the challenges and distance they’re facing.

In this episode, I’m sharing the questions and suggestions that I share with my clients who are making this decision… And the hard questions that we’ve had to ask ourselves too.

If you’re in the process of making this decision at the moment, our hearts are with you. We know it’s tough.

Should you make this decision, tune in again for next week’s episode, when we'll be talking about how you recover and begin to move forward with your life again.

Love & Light,

Isiah & Bec

Jul 2, 2019

I have to be honest… I feel a bit embarrassed about the degree to which I totally nerded out in this week’s podcast.

We wanted to bring you an episode sharing relationship tips that were totally grounded in facts and some of the best relationship research we have available.

It’s based on over 40 years of research by therapists who studied couples in a ‘love lab’. This research forms a large basis of my work with couples. It can predict with 90% accuracy which relationships will fail and which will succeed - without making changes or getting support through therapy.

But, I might have gone a bit far.

I’m not quite sure my co-host, Bec knew how to respond!

Not only will you get the facts and statistics, you’ll also get proven, practical strategies for avoiding these mistakes and learn what to do instead so you can have a rocking, thriving, lasting relationship.

In this episode of Wholehearted Love, S-x + Intimacy, you’ll discover:

  • Which 4 communication strategies determine with 90% accuracy whether a relationship will succeed or fail
  • This 1 thing that men do that means their relationship has an 81% chance of self-destructing
  • What small trick happy couples do 86% of the time and couples destined for break-up do only 33% of the time
  • 6 behaviours happy, healthy relationships need to survive

We need skills and love for our relationships to thrive.

I quite honestly believe they need to teach this stuff in schools. It can make such a powerful difference to our lives.


Jun 25, 2019

This is our most personal episode so far…

We get raw, we get open…we get vulnerable.

  • If you’ve been hurt in a past relationship
  • If you have difficulty trusting
  • If you know you struggle to open up
  • Or if you want closer connections in your life…

Know that you’re not alone. This episode is for you.

Brene Brown’s research has shown that vulnerability is the glue that holds relationships together.

But we completely understand that being vulnerable is hard, REALLY hard.

We’ve had a long journey to being vulnerable too and we still need to remind ourselves to practice vulnerability, to allow our walls to come down and our hearts to open.

We don’t always get it right.

Being vulnerable opens you up to pain, but it also opens you up to greater joy, to greater love and more meaningful relationships.

We quite simply can’t have intimacy without vulnerability.

So how do you tear down your walls and let more love in?

Join us for this intimate conversation as we share:

  • What led us to want to protect ourselves (and you’ll hear us both cry as we do)
  • The moment that changed Isiah’s life and relationships
  • What Bec’s friend said that made her realise she’s not as open and vulnerable as she thought
  • The consequences of shutting down your vulnerability and what can be gained by embracing it.
  • How you can take down the walls (that we all build to protect ourselves) and let more love in


Connection is what gives purpose and meaning to our lives.

You are worthy of love and belonging.

We hope this episode helps break down those walls you may have built up.

We hope it helps you remember to always be kind to yourself, embrace your imperfections and embrace them in others.

Be authentically you… it leads to deeper connections.

And practice vulnerability - the irony is that is actually feels good when we’re vulnerable.

The more you practice anything, the better you get. Pretty soon, you’ll be a boss of vulnerability and master of your whole-hearted life! 

With deep love and gratitude,

Isiah + Bec.xx


Links related to this episode:

We recommend checking out Brene Brown's TedX Talk - The Power of Vulnerability. 


We’d love to hear from you:

How do you feel about vulnerability?

Was there a moment in your life that led you to put your walls up?


Jun 18, 2019

I remember the first time I kissed a woman.

It’s actually not the kiss that I remember most - it’s how I felt afterwards





Because, to borrow from Katie Perry:  I kissed a girl. And I liked it.

I liked it a lot, you guys.

But I had always - and still do - consider myself heterosexual.

So how does that work?

We recently received a question from a woman who shared similar feelings about her sexual fantasies involving other women. She’s always considered herself heterosexual and only been in relationships with men, but she’s now wondering what these fantasies about women mean.

So in this episode of Wholehearted: Love Sex + Intimacy – The Podcast, we wanted to address her concerns, which are really common.

If you’ve also found yourself sexually attracted to the same sex, maybe watching lesbian porn and wondered ‘what does this mean???’ We’re answering it all;

We’ll talk about:

  • How common it is…
  • Why it happens
  • Why more for women than for men?
  • Is it normal?
  • Does it mean I’m a lesbian?
  • How do I feel okay with these fantasies or attractions?
  • How societal conditioning has influenced how we see these desires?

I open up about my own experiences of being with women - and what it means for my own relationships.

Enjoy this episode, knowing you are DEFINITELY NOT ALONE!

It’s becoming a bit of a theme on the podcast, but our take home message is that we believe:

  • Love who you love
  • It’s time to break down the rigid labels and boxes we’ve been given
  • Find what brings you pleasure, joy and love and give yourself permission to explore it wholeheartedly!

We think this quote from Kesha sums it up perfectly:

“I love people. It’s not about a gender. It’s just about the spirit that exudes from that other person you’re with.”


Have a topic you’d like us to cover? Let us know in the comments.

Jun 11, 2019

Am I in a Sex Rut and how do I get out of it?

Can you relate to the story of so many couples that have walked through my door?

Sex started out fun and exciting (and on a regular basis), but then life happened…

You got busy, tired and very familiar with each other. And you’ve now found yourself feeling a little lack-lustre in the bedroom.

Perhaps, like many of the couples I work with, you’ve noticed: 

  • Sex doesn’t happen very often any more
  • You’re tired or lacking enthusiasm when you do have it
  • If you’re honest, it’s not very exciting
  • When you do have sex, it tends to happen in exactly the same way each time
  • You’d like to find ways to bring the PASSION and PLAYFULNESS back

You, my friend, may be experiencing what we call a ‘sex rut’.

It’s common and you’re normal.

Sex ruts can even happen for happy couples and couples who once considered themselves pretty ‘adventurous’ in this area.

In this episode of Wholehearted: Love Sex + Intimacy – The Podcast, we’re talking about signs you’re in a sex rut - but most importantly, how you can get out.

Helping couples rediscover fun, playfulness and lasting desire in the bedroom is something Isiah does every day (with incredible results!).

We’ll be sharing 10 ways to get out of a Sex Rut and rediscover playful, loving, satisfying sex. Yes, it’s possible!

We also share:

  • The first step you must take if you want to get out of a sex rut
  • The science of adding fun and playfulness back to your bedroom
  • The simple step that helps you increase your chance of reaching orgasm
  • One of Isiah’s favourite practical exercises to help you discover what you enjoy sexually (her coaching clients love this exercise!)

Listen in as Isiah shares 10 WAYS TO GET YOURSELF OUT OF THE SEX RUT.

For a copy of her FREE Resource check out this episode on her website's blog page.

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