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Want wild confidence, a harmonious relationship + lasting desire? Welcome to Wholehearted Love, Life + Intimacy - the podcast here to help you create harmonious relationships, an inspired life + wholehearted intimacy. Join Isiah McKimmie, Couples Therapist, Sexologist + intimacy guru as she shares inspiring interviews, practical tools and the latest research-based advice for wild confidence, epic pleasure and a WHOLEHEARTED life. From dating, confidence and communication to successful relationships, having epic orgasms and living a life you LOVE - this podcast has it all. Isiah McKimmie is a Couples Therapist, Sex Therapist, Sexologist + Coach who’s been helping women and couples discover love, intimacy, lasting desire for over a decade. If you have a guest suggestion, a question or topic you’d like to see Isiah cover on the podcast, head to
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Dec 23, 2019

You know those people that just light YOU up when they walk into the room?

My guest today is one of those women.

I’ve been wanting to share her wisdom with you for the longest time! 

Colleen Schell is a Fortune 500 leadership development expert turned love and intimacy coach. Her wisdom on emotional and erotic intelligence helps you have deeper connections, wider love and a more passionate, playful life.

She is currently writing a book called The Art of the Torrid Love Affair that gives people permission to enjoy, embrace, and learn from short term romantic relationships and master the magic of love and intimacy.

As someone who absolutely EMBODIES her mission to help people communicate more authentically, deeply and lovingly, she oozes sass, sex appeal, warmth and generosity. 

I just know that if you’re someone who wants more meaningful connections with others, if you’re someone who wants to live a totally magic life - then you're going to LOVE my conversation with Colleen today. 

On the episode you’ll hear: 

+  The vital role that YOU can play in deepening intimacy in your relationships

+  How to share your desires with a love

+  How to give feedback to a partner without causing an argument

+  Colleen’s formula for powerful listening

+  How to show up more authentically in your connection and communication


Get Colleen’s Desires Sharing Framework and other free resources HERE.

Follow her on Instagram HERE.

Dec 17, 2019

Feel like you might have dated, or be dating, a narcissist?

Or have you heard the term being used a LOT lately and wonder what it’s all about?

If you’ve ever encountered someone who appears grandiose, has an excessive need for praise, talks about themselves and their achievements a lot, but is also easily offended, there’s a good chance you’ve at least encountered a narcissist.

“Soul-destroying”, Emotionally abusive”, “Rollercoaster”, “Feel like you’re losing your mind”, “Walking on eggshells”… were just some of the words that you guys shared with me when I asked about your experiences dating narcissists.

Being in a relationship with a narcissist can be painful and damaging. We often don’t recognise the signs that we’re dating one until it’s too late.

In this episode, I’m sharing:

  • The signs that someone is a narcissist
  • The kind of person who will be most attracted to narcissists
  • What you can do if find yourself in a relationship with a narcissist
  • I’ll answer the question of whether you can ever have a happy relationship with a narcissist
  • And I’ll share the telltale signs that show up early in dating a narcissist

Click HERE to access my blog and download the Signs You're Dating a Narcissist checklist.

Dec 9, 2019

What are relationship and intimacy expert’s relationships really like?

What challenges do they face? How do they make their relationship work?

They might not be what you think!

Real-life couple and intimacy coaches, Jodie Milton and Reece Stockhausen, started Practical Intimacy with the mission to transform how people do relationships. Through their one-on-one coaching practice, couple’s mentoring programs, online courses and blog, they help men and women all over the world to create deeply fulfilling intimacy, thriving long-term connection and a super hot sex life.

Their fresh and relatable approach has seen them work with clients across Australia and abroad, and their articles featured on sites such as The Huffington Post, Mind Body Green, Living Now and Raw Attraction.

Jodie and Reece join me on Wholehearted today to share:

  • The challenges they face in their own relationship
  • How they deal with (and overcome) disagreements
  • The tools and strategies that make their relationship work
  • How they take care of themselves while still having enough energy to give to their relationship
  • Their fun unique take on initiating intimacy with each other!

If you’d like to find out more about Jodie and Reece and what they offer, you can reach out on their website, facebook or Insta.

Dec 4, 2019

We each give and receive love in different ways.

We often give love in the way we’d like to receive it - which is beautiful - but sometimes, that isn’t the way our partner gives love or feels most loved.

So what happens when we’re giving love in a way it isn’t understood?

Sometimes, two people can each be trying to give love to each other - but can both end up feeling unloved because they’re speaking two different love languages. You might even feel really frustrated, because you’re trying to do so much to show your partner that you love them, but for some reason, they still feel unloved!

Understanding the 5 Love Language, helps you understand and navigate these differences.

Understanding the different Love Languages has been so helpful for many couples that I work with. Many of them have found it pivotal in their relationship.

Instead of feeling unloved and uncared for, I’ve seen people suddenly realise their partner has been trying to show love for them all along. I’ve seen couples stop arguing about what they’re not doing for each other and finally understand each other’s needs better.

In this episode we’re going to cover:

  • What are the 5 Love Languages? And how do you find yours?
  • How can you show love to someone with each different Love Language?
  • What should you do when you think your partner has a different Love Language to you?
  • And how can you talk to your partner about your Love Language?

If you’re still unsure of your Love Language after listening to the episode, take the quiz here.